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    Rhythm Roulette: Joji | Mass Appeal

    “This sh*t goes hard right?” Joji stepped into NYC’s Good Records with one goal, select three records at random and create a beat on...

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    Scott Storch on His Living Expenses Being $1M a Month (Flashback)

    In this VladTV flashback from 2016, Scott Storch talked about living an excessive lifestyle at the height of his career, which included monthly expenses...

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    DJ Paul on ‘Seed of 6ix’ Consisting of Lord Infamous’ Son and Paul’s Nephew (Part 1)

    DJ Paul sat down with his nephews Lil Infamous and Loco Dunnit, who have formed a new group called "Seed of 6ix." He also...

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    Rhythm Roulette: Sango | Mass Appeal

    Get Jay Dee’s Sample Pack here: https://on.splice.com/jay-dee Get Sango’s Sample Pack here: https://on.splice.com/sangorr Use the code sangoroulette at checkout for one free month of Splice Sounds.  “To actually have stuff from...

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    Shiva Feshareki – Against The Clock

    Shiva Feshareki is an internationally acclaimed experimental composer, turntablist and NTS DJ who works within the intersection between electronic music, classical composition and the...

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